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Rapoo E6100 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Unboxing And Hands On Review

Rapoo E6100 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Unboxing And Hands On Review

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LFC Sourabh Jangra 3rd Year 007 PGGC-11 Air Wing : Awesome! What is it's price ?
Nawaz Momin : thanx rohit kurana
Bhargav Sundararajan : Does it have a wired or a wireless option as a substitute in case of an emergency?
Anurag Wayne : I have a question... What if I have to use it for installing windows.. Windows won't access any drivers while installing... How will I pair it with a device without os
Anurag Wayne : I mean how can a keyboard worth rs. 2000 can be called as value keyboard??

Rapoo E6100 Bluetooth Keyboard Review - I Dislike the Arrow Buttons!

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1) Kamera = https://t.productlink.io/a14k3x
2) Lens = https://t.productlink.io/a14k3y
3) Lavalier Microphone = https://t.productlink.io/a14k40
4) Shotgun Microphone = https://t.productlink.io/a14k41
5) Lighting = https://t.productlink.io/a14k43
6) Tripod = https://t.productlink.io/a14k44

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heriTheSG : i agree with your review. susahnya tu mau menaip. hahah
Elfi Shahrin : Dammm r u malaysian?
Aiman Faris :
VASTOSUPREME 74 : how much it cause and can you review the new Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

that is Logitech G new mouse look like razer mamba and Logitech G 100s combined together
KLGadgetTV : Good review!!! Ciao ~~~~

Rapoo E6100 Review: Should you buy it? - ESPT

There is such a wide range of budget keyboards out there, and choosing between them can be hard. In my previous video "the best budget keyboard" I compared three potential purchases. In this video, we take an in-depth look at the Rapoo E6100, a great keyboard that puts form over function. An ESPT production.

"The Best Budget Keyboard" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0TOzfaqqH0

Buy the keyboards here:

Rapoo - http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Rapoo-E6100-Bluetooth-3_0-Technology-5_6mm-Ultra-slim-Stainless-Steel-Keyboard-p-61001.html
HP - https://www.amazon.com/HP-H3C52AA-ABA-K1500-Keyboard/dp/B00E4TOWR0/ref=pd_sim_147_4?ie=UTF8\u0026dpID=410Iim0BKaL\u0026dpSrc=sims\u0026preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_\u0026refRID=QQAT8X8E3BWSHBNCFB4T
Microsoft - https://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-nz/p/wired-keyboard-600/ANB-00025
Hugh Myer : Why is your voice so deep???
ESPT : Well everybody, may I just say how pleased I am at your immediate watching of my new video. If you have any questions about the audio please speak. Just saying it was done in post. Do you think it makes me sound more mature to a person who does not know me?
ESPT : Please, comment below if you have any questions.
AbbottVille : yum yum lick lick
King's : Is it compatible with Ipad Air 2?


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