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내 사랑 (My Love) - Lee Hi (이하이) [HAN/ROM/ENG LYRICS]

han: melon
rom: ilyricsbuzz
eng trans: pop!gasa
ᄎᄋ : 이하이언니노랜 다 좋아
Astrid Mia : So no one talk about lee hi? Her voice really beautiful like im gonna cry
Carlie St Fleur : Did that ever happen to you? You have a crush on someone. You perfectly know that the person you like will never like you back. But you don't care and you like him anyway. And later on,you think he has a crush on someone else because he is pretty close to that person. So,you get so hurt that you thought you'd never fall in love again. And you decide to give up your feelings so that you'd be able to watch your crush love someone else. I don't know if that happened to you but it definitely happened to me. That was the story of my one sided love. Even though it hurt me back then, I think it made me stronger.
ja nine : "you're someone who I can't have" I think this line particularly points to 14th prince Jung who sincerely loved hae soo even if she can't love him back, despite knowing it, prince jung married her for her freedom from the palace and even took care hae soo and wang so's daughter, no one will beat how selfless he is for me .
Baekhyun's Kookie : To the person who's reading this:

I hope you will find your true love one day.

[달의 연인 - 보보경심 려 OST Part 10] 이하이 (LEE HI) - 내 사랑 (MY LOVE)

노래의 여신이자 소울 여왕 이하이가 "달의연인 보보경심 려"에 떴다. 이하이 그 이름만으로 가요계가 주목하고있으며 목소리는 신이 주신 목소리라는 찬사가있는 독보적인 여가수이다. 이하이는 처음으로 "달의연인 보보경심 려 OST"에 가창을 참여하며 대중들에 폭발적으로 인기를 끌며 큰 기대를 하고있는 가수이다. 이하이가 참여, 가창한 곡 '내사랑'은 이미 드라마에 여러번 삽입되어 시청자들이 너무도 기다리는 곡이다. '내사랑(MY LOVE)’은 덤덤하게 시작되는 피아노소리와 화려하지 않지만 편안하고 아련한 20인조 오케스트라 위에 애절한 가사와 독창적 음색과 표현 그리고 탄탄한 가창력을 가진 ‘이하이’가 아련하고 섬세한 감성을 담아 노래한 곡이다. "달의연인 보보경심 려"드라마 OST는 태양의 후예,괜찮아 사랑이야, 학교2015후아유OST 등을 크게 히트시키고 총괄 프로듀서하며 주목을 받고 있는 최고의 흥행보증수표 송동운 프로듀서가 다시한번 드라마 "달의연인 보보경심 려"OST 올 프로듀싱을 맡아 화제가 되고있다.

LYRICS BY 지훈,구지안
MIXED BY 김현곤 at doobdoob Studio

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김찬우 : 아직도 저처럼 이 노랠 들으시는분 계신가요?
lei lei : If they're saying that this Drama's not good because it's rating is low. You people are wrong, this drama gave me so much feels, I laugh, I shouted bc of the exciting scene and mostly, I cried. This drama is so awesome. I guess, you don't appreciate the theme of this drama. After watching the ending, It breaks my heart, seriously. Why? because this drama has many twists. I thought that the 8th Prince will be the evil king and I thought that the 10th Prince Eun will have a happy family with his wife, although their beginning is not that nice but i really thought that they will live long and the ending, I didn't expect that HaeSoo will diea and her daughter, I thought that the girl's father is Wang So. And the real ending is she remembered all after looking at the paintings and say sorry to So because she leave him alone. This drama, gave me so much feels and until now , I still can't get over. I don't know what should I do to be able to move-on with this drama but urgghhh is this last watched kdrama syndrome? MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO IS THE BEST KDRAMA The actors/actressess and the producers/directors should have an award. This is definitely amazing yet so dramatic,frustrating and emotional drama.
Ira Sahrani : 2020 and still can’t get over this drama..
Love poem : Top 5 best kdrama ost for me.
1. Scarlet heart
2. Hotel del luna
3. Descendants of the sun
4. legend of the blue sea
5. Goblin
Jason : This scene was the turning point of the drama.

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어린이가 없는 곳에 천국은 없다

7살 어린이들의 일상과 순수한 동심을 통해
어른과 아이들 모두 즐거워하고 행복해지기를 꿈꾸는 드라마

점점 늘어가는 다문화가정 어린이들의 마음, 행복, 고민들을
함께 생각하며 공유해 보는 드라마

아이들을 어떻게 대할지, 아이들을 어떻게 키울지 모르는 어른들에게
아이들을 어떻게 사랑하고 이해할 수 있는지 보여주는 드라마

아이들이 바라보는 어른들의 세상,
아이들이 만들어 가는 아이들만의 세상을 엿볼 수 있는 드라마

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