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Installing Windows 2000 on Modern Hardware

A few months ago, we attempted to install Windows ME on modern hardware but had no success. Can we get Windows 2000, a NT based operating system, to work on modern hardware?

Windows ME on Modern Hardware -\r
Randoms Biggest fan : Very interesting family-friendly video. I would recommend for all ages and really helped me with learning a lot of new information. The youtube algorithm should put this on everyone's recommended page.
Kovacs David : I have a PC which is compatible with Windows 10 32-bit (yknow, 64 bits of Windows 10 too much for a Pentium D) and it officially supports Windows 2000. It took me 10 hours to install, but it does work perfectly.
NewGamer2020 : Surprising with a 45 minute 45 second time span difference today it's hard to imagine in 2000 how fast it was to install that os
Ray Phoenix : Oddly enough, the Pop Culture wiki does not have any articles on Windows 2000 but it does have a pretty large article on Windows 9x.
RichardButch : I built my own modern computer with 3 monitors and at the present time I have Windows 2000 Pro 32 bit, Windows XP Pro 64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on the one computer. I use a mechanical switcher in a CD-ROM front drive bay so my computer only sees 1 operating system at a time. That way I do not have to worry about the computer messing up one of my drives when more than one shows up in the bios. All the operating systems from Windows Vista to Windows 10 recognize 3 monitors using 1 graphics card. So does Ubuntu. Windows 2000 only displays 1 monitor and Windows XP on 2. I only started this project to see if I can. Most of the time I use Windows 7 because I'm used to it.

Windows 2000 On a 2013 Laptop!

This is NOT recommend. I do this so you don't have to experience this pain.

Windows On Windows : Windows 2000 really is one of the most versatile and well-aged versions of Windows!
Mr. Eight-Three-One : Fun fact, from 2001 to 2005 or so, our family computer was a Windows 2000 machine. The reason this happened -- my dad's company supplies him with a laptop at no charge, and rather than sending back the laptop when getting a new one, he provided it to us as a hand-me-down. His company also firmly stood by using Windows 2000 instead of XP due to some security reason.

Unlike most people though...I hated it. That had more to do with us using the computer way too far past its prime than it being a genuinely bad OS (after all, you try using a Pentium 2 in 2005), but it's sadly forever tainted my view of it. I also see little reason to use it nowadays as it was never prioritized for games due to its business target demographic.
April : You are one of the first youtube channels I subscribed to back around early 2013, and it's nice to see that you're still making great and interesting content. It's great that XP on the T530 got as many views as it did! Keep it up man!
I'd also like to add: Windows XP is the first version of Windows that supports (native) USB mass storage devices.
Santiago Hormazabal : What you should do in these cases is grab a copy of Aida 64 or Everest, and under the Physical PCI devices, grab the VID and PID of the network card. Then look for a driver of such PCI device for Win 2K. If not, maybe you can force to use the one for XP (but that would imply modifying the .inf files). You might have some luck with the USB controllers if you have a look at forums and use some custom provided drivers.
Akoya : It reminds me of when I've installed Windows XP on Fujitsu E752 without any problems, since it had the drivers for it despite being 3rd Intel Core Generation (it has the same CPU as your T530). I think ever since the Haswell line they've gave up on that architecture of older systems. I'm curious now if these XP drivers would've work on Windows 2000 on that laptop.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Startup Sound

Remember the old days, when you started windows? Download link below.
Download MP3 (free):
Download WAV (free):
Subscribe (free too):
Skyelle : I remember when all the school computers used windows 2000 and when it was time to have class in the computer lab, everyone all signed in at one time and there was just this sound repeating a million times all over the room lmao
Consumstra : Still my favorite startup sound.
Macadam Blob : I will never forget leaning my head against my mom's shoulder while she is reading her mails and using Internet Explorer. Sometimes she would let me draw in MS paint after she finished :)
4formsofMATTer : this sound was good for its time it gave the feeling of a new millennium
GiantArt Productions. : almost teared up, my childhood is calling me :)




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