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EU bending plug making by JY-550C plastic injection moulding machine factory
Eason Chu

LG 수퍼타이 대용량 베이킹소다 PLUS 9.5kg x 1개 슈퍼타이 세탁세제 가루세제

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깨끗한 빨래 (일본 ITEA (도쿄 악러 지형 회) 테스트 완료)


EK43S(98mm) vs. P64 (SSP HU) vs DF64 (SSP MP) vs Mignon (55mm) Zero Coffee Grinders

98mm vs. 64mm SSP HU vs. 64mm SSP MP vs. 55mm Burrs
EK43S and DF64 -
Fellow Atmos -
Pre-Cut Paper -
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Matthew Hoffman : When you dialed in a comparison shot on EK-43 without a paper filter , I thought you vitiated the comparison. I find the difference in taste between bottom-of-the-puck filters and no filter is massive, as the former extracts 2-3 percentage points EY more than the latter. You might try this for yourself sometime by simply pulling two shots, one-after-the-other, with exactly the same parameters except for using a bottom filter in only one of them.
aehmt : Great video! Aaron is on the money!
wwertyuio : you should try the sette 270i the auto scale is so nice
Aaron Tremblay : Thanks for having me on! It was fun!
Harry Dog : Don't blame him for picking EK at 31sec and Option O at 30sec, Df64 under at 22sec and Zero looked to be 38sec. First round was sabotaged for sure.




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