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Platelets (Thrombocytes) | The Cell Pieces That Lack Nucleus

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Platelets (thrombocytes) are not cells, they are just pieces of the megakaryocytes (their mighty parents).

Platelets are called thrombocytes because they will help form a clot (thrombus)...At least they form a temporary platelet plug to stop bleeding in small vessels (primary hemostasis).

The normal platelet count is 150,000 to 400,000/ microliter.

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Hemostasis is defined as "cessation of blood bleeding”
There are 2 types of hemostasis:
1. Primary hemostasis: formation of weak, temporary platelet plug (by platelets)
2. Secondary hemostasis: formation of stronger fibrin meshwork (by coagulation factors).
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Books that I use for this series:
► Guyton and Hall Medical Physiology Textbook
► Goljan Rapid Review Pathology,
► Harrison’s Internal Medicine
► Goldman-Cecil Medicine
► Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine

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Platelet Activation and Factors for Clot Formation

Learn more about the process of platelet activation and the involved coagulation factors triggering clot formation? Find more about clot formation on:

Approval Number: G.COM.GM.XA.10.2017.1885

Platelet Plug Formation - Mechanisms

Platelet Plug Formation is an important part of hemostasis. Watch the video and see how platelets become to "sticky" to one another and form a plug to stop blood flow.




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