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eSpring by Amway turns cola into water

TURNING COLA INTO WATER: This video dramatically demonstrates an eSpring unit’s ability to convert the sticky, syrupy consistency of cola into clear, clean water.

While we do not recommend trying this at home (that’s why we’re doing it in the lab), it’s an impressive representation of just how comprehensive the eSpring system is when filtering contaminants. eSpring effectively removes more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants that may be present in your drinking water.

How the eSpring Water Treatment System Works | Amway

Learn more about eSpring, a leader in home water purification:

How the eSpring Water Treatment System Works:

- As water flows inward, a small turbine spins, powering the UV lamp.

- Untreated water fills the chamber and is forced through the prefilter and carbon block filter. This stage effectively reduces over 140 health-effect contaminants. Beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium are not removed.

- The water is then channeled to the bottom of the cartridge and sent back up, through the stainless steel reflector. This allows the water to receive maximum exposure to the UV lamp. The UV lamp destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the water.

- Fully treated water is then directed out of the system and into your glass!

- After the water flow stops, the UV lamp remains on to help treat the next glass of water. This ensures instant access to treated water without wasting energy.

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Paweł Góra : The Best ❤️❤️ Number 1 ❤️
Marcos Pena : I just got mine, does anyone know if this will work if you put it in series before an entire RV trailer to have an "espring water" coming out of the shower and to also come out of kitchen as drinking water ? Recommended or not ? raj : 17 dislikes are from competitors your stomachs burning? It's the best brand.
KingofKing : Does this get rid of fluoride
Polagoni Dhananjaya goud : Best water purifier
Polagoni Dhananjaya goud : My Amway team is ready to explain , how it works
Cairo Guido : This is the right technology system to filter water at home. My Amway team is ready to show you how it works.
Rosa Pili : ❤️❤️
bichar limbu : Wooow
Weifeng Teng : Good

Amway eSpring Water Demo: The Onion Experiment

Hello everyone!
I hope you enjoyed this video. Its aim is to show how full of bacteria and bad the tap water is. The bottled water just grows weirdly, the roots just go in all directions and its also quite expensive to constantly buy it. So, of course, the eSpring water shows the proper, clean and healthy type of water that you could ever find!!
Thank you for watching!!

For any questions, email me at:
George Chung Song Jenn : Wow. Unbelivable
Matthew McCone : Everyone, the purpose of the video is not about eSpring growing the onion the fastest. It's about it growing it the healthiest....just like a natural baby growing at normal speed vs a deformed baby without an eye, 4 legs, a tail, 3 arms, an extra tongue growing 2 inches in height per day. It's not speed that's best, it's overall health which=best result.
Dr Ng : But eSpring water growth is worst
E Brk : hi
does it removes fluoride?
REALLY PURE WATER : El agua de la.llave y de la botella tienen muchas hormonas, por eso las niñas de.hoy de 13 parecen de 18. años
Pawan Simha : Good experiment! But was thinking why is there so much delay in the growth? Is it cause the purifier treats/ kills the necessary minerals which are required to grow?

I was shopping for the purifiers in the market and bumped in to your video, thank you!
Penting Gk Penting : Can you tell me the purpose of this experiment ?
Terry Redmond : To order this product go to
Luiza Djurabaeva : Да вы меня удевили.Спасибо вам за ролик.Несомненно eSpring номер один в мире. Спасибо дорогая.Go Diamond!!!
Oxana Bejenaru : Thank you so much for your comment.




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