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What is CPU,GPU and TPU? Understanding these 3 processing units using Artificial Neural Networks.

In this video, we will be explaining the difference between Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Tensor Processing Unit (TPU).

Neural Network is all about Matrix Operations and how each of the processing units handles these matrix multiplications and additions.
CPU is a General Purpose Process Architecture. It handles the matrix operation in a scalar way, sequentially one by one. It can handle tens of operations per cycle.

GPU is also a General Purpose Process Architecture, but it handles the matrix operation in the form of vector way. It can handle tens of thousands of operation per cycle.

TPU is a domain specific built architecture. Google designed it as a matrix processor specialized for neural network loads. It handles the matrix operation in the form of Tensor and it can handle up to hundreds of thousands of operations per cycle.

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DO YOU KNOW : Lovely!!!. Great explanation!!
Geethamanju Bragaspathy : Good one! Nice detail explanation.
DO YOU KNOW : Added subtitles to the video.. Enjoy :-)
Andre Munoz : Thank you for this clear and simple explanation. Very helpful.
Devesh Singh : Thank you. Great explanation and animation.

Tensor Processing Units: History and hardware

In this episode of AI Adventures, Yufeng Guo goes through the logistics and history of TPU’s (Tensor Processing Units) and how they differ from CPU’s and GPU’s.

In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit →

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Product: TensorFlow; fullname: Yufeng Guo;

Alvaro Leandro Cavalcante : very awesome explanation
Stack ExChange : Thanks!
Abdon Troche : Amazing! Which other tasks can be a target for a new specific processor?
코딩견 히치 HeechCoding : Cool! Well explained.
wow epic : any higher precision?

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Patrizia Lüftl : Thank you so much.. this video helped a lot!
Garion Bracken : Was really hoping I'd look at your videos and find a bioflex review. Is it the same thing as generic TPU?
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