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Sony Vaio Pro 13 Touch SVP132A1CM Ultrabook disassembling to recover fan

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Ioannis Gkoumasis : I have one Vaio SVP132A1CM. The last year every 30min shutdown. I do format and now have win 8 because the 30' it's very little for everything. What I must do?
Dave Dogge : yeah it's the fan alright, I've done this twice with my Sony Vaio Pro 13 aka the SVP132. Now with windows 10 the inte wifi AC726 AC adapter just keeps stopping and I have to painfully disable / enable the network adapter in Windows 10 to get it working again, happens twice or three time per day. anyone got a vid or guide on replacing the wifi card on this machine ?
saeed al : Please, I have such a device and I want to increase the RAM. What is the highest RAM I can install on the device?
Nil Dutt : Thank you very much for that video, I just opened mine to check de battery model and order one for replacement!
schumy1975 : hi, i have disassembled the fan, cleaned and lub it, cleaned and applied new thermal paste on CPU, but CPU temperature is still around 50 degree at idle, and around 60 degree when watching any youtube video, cpu fan almost running all the time. is that normal? Thanks
Comprar por Internet : de causalidad alguien tiene el cooler del sony sony svp132a1cu ? a la venta
Aditya Pratama : Too bad ram can't be upgraded
Carlos Elizarraras : 0:58 Which port is that?
UK : Acceso a los tornillos: Estan debajo de la goma protectora?
Leonardo Bernardo : Thanks

탄소 섬유 적용한 '소니 바이오 프로 13'

씨넷 TV가 가벼우면서도 외부 충격에 강한 탄소 섬유를 적용해 내구성과 이동성을 강화한 '소니 바이오 프로 13'을 상세히 살펴봤다.

소니 바이오 프로 13은 1.06kg의 가벼운 무게로 이동성을 강화하면서도 풀HD IPS 터치스크린에 4세대 인텔 코어 프로세서를 탑재해 성능까지 갖췄다. 또한, 뛰어난 이동성에 걸맞은 긴 배터리 수명을 자랑하며, 씨넷 배터리 테스트에 따르면 6시간 반의 영상 재생시간을 기록했다.
김지현 : 저 아저씨 똥참으면서 말하는거같다 ㅋ
CRO-arts : 회사가 팔렸어요ㅠㅜ
youngbeom Choi : 맥북프로나 맥북에어 사는게 나을듯..

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Sony Vaio Pro 13. This is one of the first Haswell Intel 4th generation Ultrabooks on the market. It's also currently the lightest 13" Ultrabook at 2.34 lbs. It has a carbon fiber body, is very slim and good looking. It has a full HD IPS touch screen and it's available with Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs with Intel HD 4400 graphics. The Vaio Pro is available with 4 or 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, and a 128, 256 or 512 gig SSD. Price starts at $1,249 for the Core i5 model. Sony also makes an 11" version (Vaio Duo Pro 11) with the same specs.
Read our full written review here: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/Sony-Vaio-Pro-13.htm
darknessviking : i can buy this for 350 bucks, is it a good buy now many years later? please give advice.
compared 1-10 how loud is it?
Horace Grimsby : Watching after having owned this laptop for 5 years.
Hugo Fonseca : Lisa, I am a Sony fan since I can remember. I was gutted that the Vaio division was gone, due to lack of PC sales, and now Sony don't do tablets anymore, or smartwatches... It's a sad world. :D But anyway, I needed a new everyday use/ work laptop and just got on Ebay, for a very good price, a Sony Vaio Pro 13.3" (256GB, Intel Core i5 4th Gen., 1.6GHz, 8GB) in a immaculate state. How would you classify a computer in 2018 with this specs? Many thanks :)
than thinmy : one whit me
Agharabo : What do you think? Should I consider buying this 4 years after this video?
Detective : Mine is still running strong! Got it in early 2014 with all spec and never really haven't gotten any problems to this day! 2017 .
Okay, after I updated to WIN 10 my Touch screen funktion started to fail on me, and so does the Assist button....Sometimes my Touch work, sometimes it dosen´t...Even thou, I never really use it...
Emmanuel Kofy Agyapong : Can you edit YouTube videos with it?0
Joshua Krady : Great review, I purchased one of these on eBay, can't wait to try it out.
Woox Au : The touchpad on this laptop will drive you insane. It only works properly when the laptop is on a table. When you have it on your lap, it doesn't always register a click because the bottom of the case flexes when you push the touchpad. Anyhow I ended up selling this laptop and I'm happy with my new think pad X1 Carbon with its physical touchpad buttons.
Wing Wong : I bought this laptop when it first came out, it has it's short-comings but it is still amazing and for me it's still one of the best looking laptops around




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